Discord Bot Java Laravel (PHP) Tailwind MySQL

Interstellar is the most feature rich and user-friendly discord bot for space-themed discord servers out there. If you're interested into the rockets, astronomy, playing Kerbal Space Program, or just simply looking at some pretty space pictures, Interstellar will provide you with everything you need!

Yet Another Warning System

Lua MySQL Gmodstore

Yet Another Warning System is the best warning and tracking system on the market. It allows your administrators to keep an eye on users easily, issuing warnings, leaving admin notes, and giving automated punishments for the bad people who can't behave on your servers!

Better Banking

Lua MySQL Gmodstore

Better Banking is the best banking system on gmodstore. It adds easy to use ATMs, Card Readers, as well as adding lots of other unique features such as Offshore Accounts, ATM Hacking, Alarms, and more.

Ultimate Party System

Lua MySQL Gmodstore

Ultimate Party System (UPS) is the ultimate Party/Squad System for your server. UPS allows users to play together without the need for the likes of Discord, allowing for easy communication, along with allowing for the likes of gangs to communicate without needing third party software.


JavaScript Wallpaper Engine

PlanetPaper is a project I took on in an attempt to allow for people to have cinematic-like shots of planets on their desktop. This wallpaper contains all 8 planets of the Solar System in stunningly amazing visuals.


Lua Gmodstore

Hello students, and welcome to hogwar- erm. Oh, wrong place. Wizardry is an addon that allows your players to create and use potions that help them, the possibilities for potions are endless.

Advanced Printers

Lua Gmodstore

Advanced Printers is a complex printing system that allows your users to have a semi-realistic experience with managing their printer, and brings new features to the RP experience.


Lua Gmodstore Discontinued

Uplink is a unique way to let your players earn money. Construct and send satellites into orbit and use the science points to earn money!


Lua MySQL Gmodstore Discontinued

DevLogs is a complex yet lightweight addon that allows you to show off your development to your players in-game.

you're really still looking at my bad projects? damn.